How does Tollbird work?

Your Tollbird box works on all highways in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Once you install the box under your windshield using the bracket that we deliver with the box you are set to go. The box itself is powered by a battery with a seven year lifespan. Once you pass a tolling plaza, your box will beep and the barrier opens for you. Tollbird receives your transactions and we charge those against your payment method. You can use the box in your car, or associate it temporarily with another license plate. We are currently working on a digital solution for Austria, Slovenia and other European countries as well.


Step 1

You will receive your Tollbird box together with a bracket. This allows you to attach the device to the windshield to the right of the interior mirror in no time at all.

Please clean the area with a cloth beforehand. We recommend the spot on the right (sic!) next to the interior mirror.

Snap the device into the included bracket.

Remove the tape.

Hold the device against the glass for 10 seconds. Use the black dotted area next to the interior mirror.

Et Voilá! E ci sei! Vámonos! Let's go!


Step 2

Now use the exclusive toll lanes on motorways in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

The Tollbird Box will signal you with a beep when the transaction has worked and the barrier will open in front of you as if by magic.

You can use all toll lanes marked with the following logos. These are usually all toll lanes. Although of course we recommend you to use the exclusive lanes!






Step 3

Tollbird electronically receives your toll transactions from the toll operators and debits the payment method you have selected with the toll amount incurred.

Tollbird only charges an annual fee for using the device or a usage fee per month used, depending on the pricing model you have chosen.